Happy Monday!

Good morning and welcome to the start of another week! 

For us, this week is the last week of school before the September holidays! It will also bring loads of footy, food and family time. 

Yes my beloved pies didn't make the finals this year, but my brainwashed family and I are cheering for the Cats once again! After a nail biting end to the game Friday night I know it's going to be a good one!  

Friday was also Zarah's school concert! Time After Time was the theme and each class (thank god it's a small school) did a different era of music and dance and it was amazing!! 

Oh man she had so much fun! She is such a performer and loved every minute of being up on stage! Her class and the school as a whole put on an amazing performance! All the kids do soo well, you could see they all worked so hard to get it all right! These girls and guys were doing the 1950's and they did it so well! All the groovin' twistin'dance moves were on point! Well done guys!! 

Then Saturday took us further back in time as we entered the 1920's as our cousin had a Great Gatsby inspired party! I loved it so much. I'm such a dress up tragic! Again the kids had so much fun dressing up and feeling all glam! 


How cute are these kids??? My favourite part was dad and Nate dressed the same! Too cute!! So happy 30th Ash!

What an amazing weekend! Today was a nice finish with a cruise in the car and some hot chocolates at a small cafe in the middle of nowhere! Awesome family time had by all! Now it's time to start planning for the school holidays! I feel some camping coming on!


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