Fighting Me - Freeing Me

So good old anxiety and depression knocked on the door again this past week. It was more of knock to remind me that if I don't act now, I could be consumed. Pretty damn nice of him to knock and let me know huh? 

No, I'm delusional or drunk. Just have to laugh sometimes! 

So I've started prepping for my 30 days, 30 ways challenge. A part of my prepping was putting together a bit of a calendar of small things I can do each day to reward myself. I've done it as a bit of routine, as I work well like that. Not too sure if that is the intention of the project but that's the way I've done it!

I've included all the usual; yoga, bath, silent tea breaks etc. but this time I'm excited to have added something new! At first I wanted to add try something new, but that is damn near impossible with four kids! So I though .... Visit somewhere new! A day trip or whatever happens. The plan is to visit at least one new place in Victoria every month! No more retracing our steps and visiting the same old places, it's out to explore the new! 


We might be close to home or a huge trip out, whatever takes my fancy! And best of all, it's something we can do and decide together! So cheers to that! 

I'm excited and that's what I need, some excitement! Time to dust off the tent too I think! Camping In Chaos is becoming stagnant! Let's hit the road!! 


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