Those Yoga loving Angry Birds!


Anxiety in children has become a huge part of my life, with Zarah having suffered symptoms of anxiety for about 5 years.

Learning about and understanding anxiety has been a journey! There are so many conflicting articles, ideas and guides that will have you pulling your hair out!! But as a mother to four children, I know that every child is their own person and will respond to different processes. 

Zarah, like many children, are comforted by routine and calmness. Once things get a bit hectic she loses her way and needs help. But other than prepacking lunch boxes and ensuring we are on time, what else can we do? Mediation at night and routines are a must but then school holidays hit and we all fall into a heap! Routine is out the window and we are all in each other's pocket!

With the release of Angry Birds on digital and DVD, the ultimately awesome Bonnie Morgan has created a mindful guide for young children. 

Bonnie has over 20 years experience teaching primary school children plus a masters in wellness education. Her passion for teaching has allowed her to come together with The Angry Birds crew and release a series of mindful exercises to help children create positive attitudes and encourage reflection. This exercises are aimed at young children and assist with ever growing level of anxiety in our children. 

Red bird is brace enough to be himself, regardless of what other think! Use the Red Bird exercises to help build confidence and create courageous kids. 

Chuck is the yellow bird and is the happy one! Creating a positive environment will allow your child to identify their feelings and be more mindful! Use the Yellow Bird exercises for a positive change! 

Matilda will give children an insight into being mindful through a variety of exercises that will help to calm and think situations through thoughtfully. Let Matilda show them the way! 

I hope these help you keep the peace these school holidays, and allow you and your child to connect and take a moment together. It really can't hurt can it? 


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