St Valentines Day - For anyone

Yes, with only a few days left to find a gift for that special someone, you might be at the point of pulling your hair out! Maybe even running out of time? Try these fun and unique ideas to wow them!

Gifts For Everyone ...

Did you receive a special message of love last year? How about one for everyone to see? Well Telstra is doing it again this year with their Billboard of Love! Located on the corner of Swanston St and Bourke St Melbourne you can share a message of love for all to see! Simply text you declarations to 0499 MY LOVE *Standard SMS charges apply.

Want something that will wow them beyond anything they've ever seen? This is the ultimate gift of love and commitment, a love cube. This is the very first crowd funded monument of love, an actual architectural structure made with ... well ... love! You can purchase a cube from their website, prices starting at $49!

For $35 you could send your Valentine these adorable cookies to their door! Do you know a sweet tooth that would drool for these delicious treats? You could always help them finish them too! Head over to Cookielicious for your personalised cookies!

Why not let you Valentine help you with their purchase? WISH Registery is the first mobile app with photo assistant and geo-location, to make your job that much easier.
If you know someone who is a little particular, or if you hate the chore of wandering through the aisles then this is the app for you!

This easy to use app can be used in all retail stores across Australia and geo-locates the store the store you found the item! Could it be any easier?

This app is also perfect for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries!

Make his or her friends and colleagues swoon, by sending them a sweet & personalised apothecary jar from Lolly Mail. Easy a couple of clicks, you could have your delicious gift delivered to their door! Large variety of lollies, and two jar sizes too!

Maybe you and your other half would like to spice things up a little? Want something that you can share rather than just for the other? Why not check out Our Cheeky Treats.
Cheeky Treats can deliver a special package to your door with three items to help you spice things up in the bedroom. With a once off or monthly delivery, you can enjoy the benefits over and over!!!

I also have created canvas art from photo's before. This is a personalised and special gift that you can keep forever. A great site that does this at a very reasonable price is Canvas Printers, with an easy to use site, you can have these babies sorted whenever and wherever you like. You can upload your own image or use one of theirs, and there are a variety of sizes too.

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