You are the dancing queen ...s

This weekend saw the girls complete their dancing concert for the year. WOW. I was so impressed.

Mikayla has come leaps and bounds this year. Last year’s concert saw her self-conscious and uneasy in her dancing but this year she owned the stage. With two dances to perform, I was amazed at how well she executed and remembered the moves! Remember this is the girl who forgets what you’ve said as she walks out of the room! However, I sat in awe as she moved around the stage like she did before her self-conscious phase kicked in!

And Miss Zarah was adorable! She too amazed me with how well she mastered her dances. But the cuteness she oozed as she waved hysterically to … well I’m not sure who! She had us rolling with laughter as she waved and waved to someone sitting on the opposite side of the audience!

I was more proud that the pair of them performed so well in front of hundreds of people. Mikayla had last years’ experience to draw from, but little Zarah was at the “big concert” for the first time!

But the most proudest moment was when Mikayla was awarded with a scholarship for most improved and excellent behaviour in class. I sat in the audience with Zarah on the Saturday and cried as I realised that it was girl that had been called. I had no idea this was being awarded to her, and neither did she! Zarah stood on her seat and yelled ”Yes! That’s my sister!” So I sobbed harder!

As a parent that was the most amazing feeling I could experience. I’m always proud of my family and I tell them all the time, but that was beyond proud! Love my little dancing queens!
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