Day 24 - Your top 3 worst traits

Hmm ... I could list ten ...

Our challenge today is to talk about our worst traits. I like to think positively these days, so I try not to focus too much on the bad points but boy do I have them!

Bad Trait # One:
I'm a starter and not a finisher ...

Oh yes, this is my biggest pet peeve at the moment! I start so many different things and never finish them, or finish them long after they were started. I hate that I started writing this post this morning, then did the washing, typed a bit more, took Miss Four to kinder, come back and wrote a couple of other posts and swept the floor before returning to this one! I wish my mind was better trained to finish the task at hand before tending to fifty other tasks!

Bad Trait # Two:
I lose everything ...

It is not unusal to hear the words "Have you seen ..." come out of my mouth. Everyone knows it, hubby even bought me beepers for my car keys because I lose them so often. I'm forever hunting for keys or phones or shoes. In my defense, it is usually the kids who take things and then I can;t locate them ... by the way, my house keys are missing, have you seen them?

Bad Trait # Three:
I always read texts and never reply ...
I know if my SIL reads this, she will vouch for me as this is a definite top three! She is probably one who texts me the most and she cops this all the time, either I read it while doing something else and forget (hence bad trait number one) or the kids read it and I don't realise. Boy oh boy do hate it when I go to text someone and then realise I never wrote back! So I suck ... yeah I'm hopeless ... but I still love you all!  

However from there the list continues, I'm a spender and not a saver, I tell the kids to pick their stuff up and step over my own things, I yell too much, I never iron enough .... it goes on and on and on!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


  1. OH MY GOD. I really have to stop reading these. I have everyone elses bad traits too. I better stop before I have no redeeming qualities.

  2. Haha! I agree Zoe! I've been reading them too and keep think 'that's me'! I've said that too many times now and feeling a little deflated ;)

  3. I think we may have been switched at birth...... I even wrote a blog post a long time ago about being a loser.

    I think our brains are just filled with much more exciting things then where the keys are....

  4. I agree!! Wo has time to sit around and think where they left their keys ... And phone ... And bag ... And shoes!! Lol! It gets a bit nuts around here, and like I said, I just blame the kids!!


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