Welcome To 2015

Welcome to 2015.

Wow, what a year 2014 was. Now is a good time to reflect on that year, but never dwell. There is something special about a new year. A fresh start, a clean slate and all the rest, but i am not one to make resolutions as I feel they only bring a sense of failure if you don't lose 10 kilos or can't run 5km.

Eat well, excerise often, love each other and play well, that's all I can ask of myself this year and what a year it will be! 

I am taking a few weeks to be with my family and switch my brain off, hence whi i haven't been around a lot lately. I didn't quite end the year as well as I had hoped, but that is something to learn from and organise myself better for the year to come.

Thank you for joining me, I have enjoyed every minute and I look forward to a lot of fun and excitement this year. Lots of big changes again this year, so keep your eyes peeled.

Lots of Love from my family to yours xxx Hayley

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