You call that driving?

So I'm driving home from dropping Miss 8 off, and I'm not the most patient person in the world, but I get stuck behind the car that is cruising along doing 20KMS below the speed limit!! I think;

"That's fine ... I'm not in any hurry, I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride"

So we are driving along the main road into our estate and the driver starts moving into the emergency lane. With a sigh of relief I move on to over take and she quickly steers back onto the road, so knowing they were going to be one of 'those' drivers, I hang back and let them drive on! I watch this driver who's mirror is almost long ways (and I'm sure their head didn't even pop over the steering wheel) attempt to drive along the straightest road in our estate. They were everywhere! This person mounted the roundabout as they turned right, and I don't mean the back wheel did a little jump, I'm talking she may as well have just driven through the middle! And then continued down the straight road moving from side to side, in and out of the emergency lane.

I honestly couldn't believe my eyes! She was only just missing the parked cars on the side of the road! But it stopped being a joke when I see a young boy riding his bike in the bike lane. This boy would have been no more than 10 years old and this despicable driver was still driving half in his lane! It was honestly one of the scariest moments of my life, as she was not moving!! In a panic I quickly move around the car trying to think of what to do and eventually just toot my horn, just in time for the young boy to turn around and see this lunatic headed for him and he moved out of her way!

I stopped to see if he was ok and shakily he tells me he is alright and gets back on his bike and continues on. Now there is no reason why that boy would have turned to look as plenty of cars would have past him by on his trip, so if I hadn't have tooted him, would he have been hit?? It's a scary thought! But the even scarier thought is who decided that this woman is fit to drive a car???? She didn't move out of his lane or even realise that she had done anything wrong! So what do you do? I missed her rego but I would recognise the car, do you ring the police? What will they do? I almost wanted to follow her and tell her what a moron she is!! And my daughter wonders why I don't let her ride to school!! There are just too many idiots!

Cheers ... MCM


  1. I would have called the police and told them just incase the woman was intoxicated or possibly had something wrong with her? At the moment with everything going on I'd even be worried it may have been a stolen car... You never know!

    It would still be worthwhile reporting how dangerous she was driving including how she almost hit a child and parked cars with a disctiption of the car would help them track the car down or at least have the complaint in the computer incase it happens again.

    I've made complaint about an aggressive driver once and due to the traffic conditions I could get the number plates too. The police came and seen me after I phoned in the complaint and also went and seen the driver I made the complaint about. If that person had other complaints against them then at least the police could do something about it. At the time I was terrified that the driver could have followed md home and I thought it was safest to let the police know. Hopefully it was a one off thing you seen because I have a son who is 11 and I constantly worry all the time if he goes for a ride.

    1. I saw the little lady that was driving the car, at first I thought i was a child but it was a lady, I'm sure she was fine, maybe intoxicated? I still am thinking I should call the police as I am worried that if she drove through a school zone like that god only knows what will happen!!! Thank you for your advice and I might just give them a call!


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