A Visit To The City

Yes, last week was our annual visit to the city Christmas edition.

Every year I pack up all the kiddies and we head into the city to do the Christmas thing, first we visit the Myer windows. For those unfamiliar with the Melbourne Myer windows, here's the deal! Every year the shop windows are decked out with moving puppets to recreate a book. 


So this years windows were adorable! The best ones since the Nutcracker ... here goes it! Santa Clause and the Three Bears! They were adorable! Santa went in to their house and ate the porridge, broke the chair and fell asleep in the bed! So totally cute! The book is available to purchase in store too! 

Myer is in to its 59th year this year, and I have been visiting the Christmas windows since I was a little girl. So I am looking forward to seeing what their 60th year brings! Well done on another marvellous year!

Then we head inside to SANTALAND! This is a fairly new thing, I never had this as a child but since Mikayla was two, we have been visiting Santaland after the windows. Here the children get to enjoy 
a free train ride on the POlar Express, Santa photo's are available abd although we get them done here every year, this year we had to pass as the line just was not moving and I had two very restless kiddos! And lastly we head into the Christmas trim section and find a special ornament that we can add to the tree. I look forward to the day that our tree is completely decorated in the ornaments we had purchased on these trips.

Last year we found the Gingerbread village at the Epicure centre at The Melbourne Town Hall, but as I had been completely cleaned out of coins we weren't able to make it in this year, but if you are in the area do check it out, it is amazing!!

What we did find was Christmas Square, in the city centre, just a few blocks away from Flinders Street Station. Here there is roving entertainment, interactive candy canes and free Santa photo's. I just learned to that there is a light show on every Friday night, so get down there tonight to see it in action! Look out for the helpful nutcrackers too, they may have given my kids a little fright though!

Ending the day with an ice cream at the station and a train ride home, the kids had a ball. I love our trips into the city, they are too far and few between. Hopefully now that Nate is a little older we will be able to more of this! Summer in Melbourne is a wonderful thing, so many beautiful gardens and hidden secrets to find! 

Merry Christmas to you all! I would love to hear what you have done to get festive this year!Signature photo image_zps403e45da.jpg


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