Could you ever do number four?

So many people ask me ALL the time, "So when's number 4 coming?" or "So are you pregnant yet?" or my favourite "Where's the boy?" I have days where I laugh so hard at the thought of going through it all again!!! The midnight feeds, the nappies, the baby baths, only to realise, I'm still doing it!!! I have my days when I think how could anyone do it? How could you have so many children, mine are well behaved most of the time and I'm still worn out! Could you imagine another!!! Then I have the days where I feel as though I'm missing out, not having experienced a boy. And I feel like I have let hubby down, not being able to give him a boy!

To most people this might sound crazy, yes you should only wish your children to be healthy and happy, not to want a particular sex. But this isn't about healthy and happy, it's about experiences and sharing. Hubby and I love our girls more than we could ever express through a blog! Everyday I am thankful that I have these 3 beautiful souls in my life! But I don't know how to change a boy, or buy boys clothes or deal with boy issues!! I want hubby to have someone to share his love of sport with, instead of watching Barbie DVDs or attending ballet concerts! It is a whole new world that has yet to be uncovered and the curiosity could almost reel you in!!

Hubby often toys with the idea of another, a chance to have the boy he's always longed for! Even on the nights when most of the is awake he'll wink and say you're already up, would it make much difference? That is a question I put to you ... Well Miss 8 is clearly at school, Miss 3 will be at 4 year old kinder next year so it would be like having 2 at home! Wouldn't it???

Thanks ... MCM xxx


  1. I'm having number 4 and to be honest I am scared and excited about it. My kids are almost 12, 6 and almost 2. I've had 5 years between the firs two and 4years between the second two. I've never had to worry about 2 in a pram or 2 in nappies but now I am! The age gap is probably what scares me the most, but at the same time I am also excited by this as I hope they are great friends and spend lots of time playing together.

    I was just talking to a Mum of 4 today after my almost 12year old started quizzing her on her Ford Territory LOL We have been researching cars so he thought he'd find out what she thought of it! We both laughed how many people think we are insane having 4 and how people can be quite rude about it too. I don't really care to be honest. I am meeting loads of people who seem to be having bigger families again and who cares what other people think anyway!

    If hubby is keen and so are you then seriously think about it. At the end of the day our family is all we have. I grew up in a family with 4 kids and it didn't hurt me!

    We should catch up for a coffee sometime too :)

    1. Hi lovely!

      Yes the age gap is a very daunting part of having children! My eldest is almost 9 and the middle one is 3 so there is 5 1/2 years between them, so having my third so close was scary for me, but I had my middle dughter toilet trained before bubs came along so I was extremely lucky with that one!

      I agree, I have never cared what anyone else thought! If you think I'm nuts that your business! I love my family and coming from a family that no longer talks to me over something minor that happened years ago, I want a big family that shares the love! I only worry about my own sanity! LOL!

      I know I would be ok! You always are, you just do what you have to, whatever makes you happy! We've already got three ... whats another I say!

      Thanks for that my dear and I would love to catch up for coffee! Speak soon :)


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