Day 7 - What am I afraid of

Just like the what makes you uncomfortable prompt, I have found this one to be challenging. I have found that there are many things that I fear as opposed to being uncomfortable.

When I think of fear I think of falling into a lions den or huge spiders climbing on me. But my deepest fears stem from the more realistic of occurrences. I fear death, mine and that of others. I fear my death because of what I will leave behind. I'm not that full of myself to think that my family could not survive, but the thought of having that additional stress o n everyone, the feeling of loss is a horrible one that I would not wish upon anyone. 

I fear the death of those closest to me as I do not deal so well, the loss of nan was four years ago and still to this day I cry when I hear the song they played or if I come across a photograph or remember things she would say. I know that this is an inevitable outcome, but it doesn't make it anymore likable! 

I fear being alone. Being alone for an hour is heaven, losing everything I have is a thought that sickens me. I love my family more than life itself and couldn't imagine not having them by my side. 

Fear is a state of mind ...

That is what a friend told me once and if you can learn to deal with your fears then you can concur anything. I'm still learning the hows to's of that ... maybe there's a YouTube video or something I can watch?

Fear is not my friend. It's something most people battle every day, it's a part of who we are. 

Thanks ... MCM xxx


  1. I fear this too but I cannot write about it since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, 11 months ago.

  2. Oh that's horrible Trish, I'm sorry to hear that. Sadly I know too many women in that position at the moment and I try as much as I can to assist the cancer council. I hope you are doing ok and you beat the bugger!!


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