Disney Live!

For this weekend only, Disney Live! is on at the Melbourne Convention Centre, lovingly still known as Jeff's Shed at our place!

I took the girls today and boy were they blown away! We had so much fun being transported to the fantasy land of Disney. Dancing with princes, fighting evil step mothers, singing with fairy godmothers and falling for beasts. And yes I said we. I am a sucker for fairy tales, I have always wanted to have a little girl that I could share these stories with and I was blessed with three, and all three of them watched on in awe.

The music and dancers were divine. The sets were detailed and mobile and they made great use of a small area, creating different scenes in seconds as the characters moved about.

Hosted by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Goofy, the group opened the magical book and that's when the magic begins! Snow White was the first story followed by Cinderella and finishing with Beauty and the Beast and as I said, the girls watched on in awe. 

The costumes were out of this world, our favourite (decided in the car on the way home by a tough panel of judges) were the Seven Dwarfs. Running a close second was the old hag that the witch turned herself into, we thought she was very well done. And the winner of I never want to see that one again was the Beast! That one was too scary the little ones declared!

With the minor hiccup of two scared children by the fight between Gaston and the Beast, the day was a huge success! Then we had the amazing opportunity to meet Snow White and Dopey after the show! The girls were beside themselves! It was such a fantastic day, leaving with our arms full of Mickey Mouse cups, balloons, crowns and bags, plus a lifetime of memories.

The best part is that as soon as we return home, the kids set themselves up falling every princess little people we have and they reenact the show then let their imaginations run wild on a whole new journey! Thanks guys, I could recommend this more!

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