Grand Final Fever

So tomorrow is the AFL Grand Final! 

We love the footy in our house, and although we follow the cats and the pies (who neither are in the final tomorrow) we still love to get in to it ... well, we kind of have to seeing that the father in law and sister in law both barrack for Sydney! 

So as our sick little crew recovers from the week of fevers and sniffles and sore throats, we sadly had to miss the Grand Final parade today. The parade is all the players, mascots and the cup trapse throught the CBD while all the supportors yell and scream their good wishes and cheer (sounds kind of odd when you put it in words!) But it is all in preperation for the big one tomorrow! 

So who is going to win??? Will it be the Hawthorn Hawks? Or the Sydney Swans?


A great day is to be had tomorrow at my sister in laws house, where I am sure there will be many cheers and screams throughout the afternoon! Wish us luck!

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