Five Months Today

Dear Nate,

So today you are five months old. I can't believe it. These months have just disappeared before my eyes.

The haze that was the first few months has finally lifted and I am seeing things all so clearly. I have my moments where I freak out at the thought of being the mother of four children - amazing children, nonetheless, a mother of four.

But you my little man, you make everything so amazing. You are happy and bright and light up a room with that aura of yours. I watch you turn the grumpy girl at the chemist warehouse to a bowl of jelly with your grin. I knew when I held you that very first time that you were something special.

I have seen you grow and boy do you ever! You are so long and so strong already. Rolling around on the floor, lifting your head up, wanting to be like those big sisters of yours. He lifts his arms out to them too, his attempt at a hug. I watch you light up when they're around and the love you all have for each other is beyond words.

I cannot express to you the happiness you bring to our family. You may have an odd night where we don't sleep much, but you are forgiven when you turn to me and your eyes are filled with love. One small touch of you hand. A giggle that melts all.

I have to be the luckiest mother in the world to have been blessed with a son like you. I know in a few months when you're crawling I might sound different or even in a year when you are running wild, but for now, you are everything to me, you daddy and your three big sisters. Because you are you and no one can take that away,

I love you son xxx
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