Put the iPad down and slowly step away ...

So things have been a little hectic lately, with hubby working shift and me losing my .... mind ... it has basically been every man for himself around here!

Here I was thinking I would be watching reruns of Grey's or The Hills, instead I was up till 10 just cleaning up and collapsing into bed after that!

In this time, the kids have been milking the fact they had a little more freedom, what that saying about inches and miles? Well lets just say that every opportunity they had they were watching TV or playing on their iPads or iTouches

So this weekend, we made the kids put the bloody things down! Saturday was an exception as Mikayla had a friend stay over! I love watching them when their friends are over and you see the real person, the one they are when mum's and dad's aren't looking! All I have to say now is I am blessed to have such loving kids, very affectionate they are!

But before our guest arrive we had a roller skating party! Totes Awesome is what I heard all morning!! Here are my skater dudes!

Ok, so the apples down started on Sunday(ish). The day started with breakfast at McDonalds (major treat in our house), then goodbyes to our sleepover guest and I took my three sulking girls home. Hubby was like 'uh uh, no way are they sitting inside all day!' so my mind starts ticking away. What can we do?

I tried kicking them out the back and locking the door, but that only got me in trouble! Instead I made a treasure hunt up for them to do!

Each page had a picture (hand drawn by me) 

I was pretty proud of these pictures, as my usual drawings consist of stick figures!

So I sent them on their way! They had a ball! Mission accomplished! Then Mikayla remembered she better do some 'homework', I soon found out that was code for Nickelodeon! But I rounded up the little ones and we got creative! They pulled out the paints and wanted to paint ... something! Anything! So we got the butchers paper out and I traced them, asking them to fill in their bodies with the paints! They had sooooo much fun it was hilarious! Their happiness was contagious that's for sure!

To top off an awesome weekend we hit the park and an ice cream to finish! I love family long weekends!


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