Kara's Party Ideas Workshop

Yesterday I was extremely lucky to be in attendance at the Kara's Party Ideas Workshop with the beautiful and creative Kara Allen! Sarah from Sugar Coated Mama was the awesome woman who helped bring Kara to Australia and have her share her amazing talents with us! So HUGE thank you to Sarah! Plus, she is one of the funniest women I know, her bubbly, lighthearted personality kept us giggling the whole day!

I was amazed at the knowledge and ideas Kara has, she is extremely insightful and bright as a button. Kara was happy to indulge us all with her stories, sharing with us her travels and how she got to where she is today.

As a small time blogger, I sat in awe most of the day. I felt like a kid in a candy store, staring at all these amazing woman who are corporates come business owners and I was like ... wow. I wouldn't know where to start, which is probably why I haven't! Sarah shared with us her story too and that made me realise that there is hope for us small time folk!

With laughs and giveaways, the day flew past! Kara shared her tips on styling and business, thoroughly covering the ins and outs of blogging and social media ... I have grasped that area at least! I was relived however, to know that I am not as much of a social media addict as I thought I was!

With assistance in toe, Kara styled a Boho dessert table of us. Explaining the elements involved and her visions ... maybe let her pedantic side out a little to! But in all honesty, you have to be, if you weren't particular as to how things look, then you would never create the effect Kara does.

Kara explains that you need to look outside the box when dressing a table, nothing can be too bold or glittery. Run with ideas and see where they take you! 

Sarah laughed about having to take Kara to Bunnings so she could source the exact wood she needed for the table top in this table. Out in the rain, Kara climbs a six foot ladder picking lengths that had the exact wood grain and colour palate! What a star!

But when this is your finished product you can understand why she is as picky as she is. Awesome!

I had a great day and would recommend anyone to head over to join in the fun and games! Who knows, you might make a new friend or two too!

Thank you Kara and Sarah for your antics, talent and inspiration to our day. I am full of great ideas now, I'm not sure if hubby is happy about that ... he did mumble something about cutting up credit cards ... whatever ....

Today I am heading to the Confetti Fair to indulge in yet more party loveliness! Come on kiddies, time to go!!

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