Ode to you ...

Today is a special day. A day of love and joy. Valentines day isn't a day hubby and I participate in much, but it is a day for reflection. We don't tend to get mixed up in the overrated, hallmark events such as Mother's Day, Father's Day and valentines day. Instead we make gifts and use these days to express our love for all our family!

11 years I have been with hubby. Married for 6 of them. We have had our ups and downs, sometimes it's feels like the downs outweigh the highs but it depends on how you look at life. We try to remain focused on the positives, because, well, the negatives could drive you mad! But what I do know, is that I have surrounded myself with the most amazing people.

My hubby has endured his fair share of bad moods and temper tantrums (and not just from the kiddies) and therefore everyday I look at him with love and joy.

So hear's to the smiles, the laughter, the security and the love you bring into your girls lives ... I love you xxx


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