Party Time

Well this week has been all about Miss 3's upcoming birthday!! With her birthday falling on Valentines Day we are having a loved up dinner at home with love heart shaped potatoes and chocolate desserts. Then Saturday brings her party which we are having at a local park, she is so excited. Her 'Garden Party' is filled with glitter covered sticks, butterflies, flowers and a treasure hunt!

Surprisingly enough, she is taking charge and helping with everything. She comments on colours and designs and has been informing me what games and prizes she wants. It's her first real party and she makes me so proud with her enthusiasm. Love that girl! But in the meantime, our house is covered with glitter, to the point where my trainer commented on my reflectiveness yesterday! But I love it!

Well I better get back to gluing and pasting and playing with the lollies! Take care!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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