Fitness Feb

Ok, bring on February! 

I am so pumped and motivated at the moment! I am ready to create a new me. 

So here's the thing, I have been on my Fitness Journey for a while now. I have lost 8 kgs, but of late I have been lacking motivation.I wanted a hot to trot bod by summer, I wanted to run 5-10kms and I wanted to be confident. All I achieved was a love of rolly bits and a possible bike ride 5kms. Not quite the achievement I anticipated.

So here I am, I thought a fresh start in the new year would get me going. Nope. I blame the kids. The kids and school holidays. But no more excuses! I am making a stance and will start living better. I am not waiting until Feb, I have started already, but that is just in preparation for the month to come. 

With only a week to go I have enrolled myself in two fitness and healthy eating challenges to make me keep in line. I want to create a better lifestyle for me and the kids so that we can live healthier lives. I have also been suffering from migraines again so here we have it, I have to take charge and make the change. (Sounding like a MJ song ...)

My first challenge; The Forage 4 Week Challenge
This is great, this is what I have been waiting for! This challenge sets out a four week meal plan for breakfast, lunch and tea,cereal teaches you about portion size and what to eat and not eat. It is also a sugar free, so it is everything I need to help kick my butt (and other flabby bits) into gear and get myself healthy again. I'm really excited to be apart of this and I know it will be interesting to see how the kids react to it too!

The best part of this challenge is it's free! Yes, you join up, buy their cereal and the rest is free! I would be buying breakfast anyway, so what is the big deal if I change brand? Makes sense to me!

My second challenge; Blogilates Hot Body Challenge
If you have followed my Fitness Journey then you will know my love of Blogilates. I have been rather slack of late but I am back and super excited. This is such a great way of getting your body fit and strong and combining it with a healthy diet (or the above challenge) I am expecting great things.

This challenge however is more like motivation of the dollar kind! Yes, you pay $30 to participate and if you can lose 4% of your starting weight then you win a share in the pot. Depending on the amount of winners depends on what you win! That is motivation enough for me!! 

Of course, I would love it if you would join me on my new journey. I have so much motivation at the moment, but if I have people jump on board with me, I get the feeling that I will stick it out as I wouldn't want to let you down! You can sign up for the Forage 4 Week Challenge at their website and the Blogilates Hot Body Challenge can be found here, be sure to follow this link so they know I sent you! 

Thank you all again and here's to an awesome month of health, fitness and a stronger, better you! 
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