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Hello All!

Sorry for the lack of contact lately! I have been super busy planning a Girls Night In fundraiser for the Cancer Council!

I do this every year, as it is for a good cause, but this year I have decided to do something a little different! Normally I host a trivia night, which consists of planning a d trivia night, finding the right trivia company and showing up on the night! (There's a little more to it than that but you get the gist!) This time I am hosting a cocktail party! Woooo! So I am organising everything right down to the finest detail! It has been awesome!

There are only two more sleeps until the night and I am so pumped. My mind is running a million miles an hour and sleep isn't looking good! Although I would rather be sitting and watching my recorded episode of Wonderland, I am here typing away, finalising everything with the MC, confirming attendees and planning more fun and games! 

So have you ever hosted a fundraiser? I think it is so rewarding. I love knowing that all the people have come together to raise money for such a good cause. But the most important part is to raise awareness. And I know everyone would be like, yeah, yeah who hasn't heard of breast cancer. But the problem lies not with who hasn't heard of it, but who has and doesn't know what to do!

I met with a friend today, and we were discussing this and how it is more common in our lives. What is it that is causing so much cancer in our lives today? In comparison, since changing my diet I have felt better than ever! My fainting stopped, migraines stopped, all because I stopped using tinned food and now I cook from scratch. Is this linked to the increased number or cancer patients?

My biggest concern is the lack of knowledge in society. How many people know the symptoms of breast cancer? How many women have regular pap test and mammograms? Generally, if your life hasn't been effected by cancer, why would you? How many women are too ashamed to visit their doctor and ask them to look at their breast? The numbers are extremely high. This is what the nights are about. Celebrating those who have beaten cancer, remembering those who we lost and spreading the word about being vigilant. It is so important to know the facts and with our support and our fundraising, the Cancer Council can continue to do this! 

So thank you to all the amazing businesses big and small who have donated to or supported my event and a BIGGER thank you to all the amazing women who have purchased tickets! I hope the night is a huge success and we all have an amazing evening! 

If you are in the Melbourne area and would like to come, please click through for more information. If you need more information regarding the Cancer Council or how to support them click through here! Thank you again!

Cheers, Hayley

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