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Halloween is almost upon us, and although as Australians we tend not to get involved, I think it is a wonderful opportunity to use our imaginations and let the kids wild for a bit of fun! Obviously, safety is the main hiccup most people have, saying that we spend all our time teaching stranger danger then let them knock on peoples doors for lollies. But if you can teach your children the difference between having fun with mum and dad there and not doing it any old time, then you should be ok! 

So, I have done the usual 'Halloween is three days away, lets try and find some decorations and costumes' and lo and behold! There's nothing left!! So I have been scouring the internet for some creative ideas that we can use to make our ghastly house more ghostly! Here's what I found!

As I mentioned before, we Aussies don't usually celebrate Halloween so the idea of carving a pumpkin is a little daunting! I think this is a much better idea! Find yourself some pretend, plastic pumpkins and decorate with glow in the dark paints! The kids can create their own designs and they won't rot after Friday has passed!!

These are too cute! Great for little ones to get in and make something too! Sometimes crafting can be a little too complicated for the smaller children and I love that we can all do this!!

These are just adorably spooky! Without freaking the kids out, it can be a little tricky decorating the house, but these bats look as though they are flying past with their 3D look! I love it!! Head to the Country Living site to download the template.

4. Ghostly Balloons
It is super easy to create glowing ghosts to hang in a window or from the roof! Just simply add a glow stick to a white or clear balloon, blow it up, tie it off and add a spooky face and there you have it folks! DIY ghosts for your halloween!

 I hope these quick, easy and kid friendly ideas come in handy! I know they will be dangling in our windows!!

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