Back to school, back to school ...

Yes, it's the dreaded back to school time again! I say dreaded because I hate the whining and moaning and tears and sad puppy dog faces. I hat when you have to sit there and list all the reasons why they should be at school when all they want is to be at home and be with their family! Is that such a bad thing?

Poor Mikayla has been expressing her dislike of school so much more at the moment. She has settled in well at the new school, but socially she is struggling. She has gone from a confident, warm and energectic soul to this husk of a person. Seeing her the last few weeks has been an incredible change, but with her first day back looming she has withdrawn again. Makes me wonder why!

She is doing so well academically however the transition has left her a little out in the cold with the kids. Having gone from a popular kid at her previous school, she is struggling with the new hierarchy. What can you do? Not much! I would love to hear your thoughts. I have told her that she has to give it longer than 10 weeks, friends are made in a term, she needs to try a bit harder and focus on the good not the bad!


Hopefully tomorrow will go off without a hitch.

Zarah went back today and she too wasn't interested in returning. We had tears and big cuddles. I traumatised her with my lack of hemming skills. She survived though! Anyone interested in hemming a winter tunic??? With pleats??? I didn't think so!

We weren't even home from picking her up when she started sulking and saying she doesn't want to return tomorrow. There was another drawn out chat detailing the good and bass of returning to school! Whats a mama to do?
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