Miley's Antics ...

The VMA's were on today, as I'm sure you have heard. Music award ceremonies are usually a thing we enjoy in our house. Miss Ten and I always watch and assess the talent and dresses and criticise where necessary.
This year Miss Ten will not be watching. I could not believe the footage I have been viewing of good ol' Miley Cyrus. Have you seen it yet?

Miley looks like a two dollar hooker. What was once a kids icon, has now become yet another Lindsay Lohan, a teenage star gone horribly wrong. Parading around on stage in nothing but a one piece suit isn't the worrying part ... what does she think she has between her legs that she keeps grabbing at?
It gets worse though. Have you seen the clip of her with Robin Thicke?

Oh my ... Billy Ray must be proud ...
At least she had the forethought to wear comfy shoes!
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