PT Warriors ...

We caught the bus today.

Yep, the old PT! Public Transport.

Me and four children! I thought I was going to be a disaster, but they proved me wrong! We had an awesome day!

I have decided that a pram brings me unnecessary stress as today I had Nate in the carrier and he was a golden child. Well he is generally a golden child, but more so today! We went to our local shopping centre, had a walk around, got lost in Typo (for hours!), watched a Wizard Of Oz show and had lunch! Then we caught our buses home in time to relax for a bit and get dinner ready!

A task that I would normally see as an inconvenience, the kids absolutely loved it. The awe on the faces of my two younger girls -who have never been on a bus- was magical!

We had such an amazing day and I have forgotten how convenient PT can be and even on a wet and dreary day like today, we stayed dry and had fun!

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