Six months gone

Six months ago we were blessed with our little man.

Yep, that's right. This month Nate is 6 months old! Which is huge as far as baby standards go.

This month he has gone from being a little mushy mess to becoming a little man. He has learnt to sit on his own, army crawl and we are trying our big kids food too! Mash banana and scrambled eggs have become his favourites!

I love watching him, it's so cute! If you have been following us on Instagram you'll see that Nate has been spoilt by the lovely folk at Tommee Tippee. I received a pack with some amazing products for starting solids.

The spoons are fantastic, with their temperature sensitive head, you will be the first to know if your bubba's food is too hot for them to eat!

The divided bowl is great for when you are out and about. I pre make all of Nate's food, generally the night before when I am cooking dinner or I freeze and defrost. So I can put his food in one side and some snacks in the other and off we go! Great for when you are out to dinner too!

But by far my favourite is the fresh food feeder! Have you ever seen on elf these?

Ive had four kids over ten years and I have never once seen or tried a feeder before! So you could imagine my response when I opened it! What the hell is this I said to hubby and he laughed ... no idea! I had a great response from my readers on Instagram and Facebook saying they loved it and swear by it ... I was still at a loss. So I jumped on the Tommee Tippee website and sussed it out. Lone and behold, it's a feeder! You unscrew it, put a piece of fruit in it and bugs can eat away with worry of him choking on it or dropping it everywhere! BRILLIANT!! Where have these been over the years?

So needless to say, I'm loving that Nate is eating like a big boy! He is too, such a great eater! I just can't wait until I can stop steaming and blending all his foods! The dishes and mess and driving me crazy! But I wouldn't change a thing!
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