Day 29 - My Life's Soundtrack

So as you may already know, I have a love for music and how it defines moments in our lives. There are the good songs that you play when you are in love or driving feeling free, there are the break up or mournful songs and then there are those that you just damn love!

Music means so much more to me then lyrics or a beat, it has to really mean something to stick with me. Sometimes the silly songs bring back memories, but it's the songs with soul that I truely love, many of which I know will not make it onto my list, because they never really defined a moment for me, just were there throughout the years.

To choose just five songs that define me, its hard, but I will try! Here goes it!

This song was me when I was a 'mellow' teenager. I would listen to this and dream of the one that got away.
Foolish Games by Jewel on Grooveshark

I'm not sure what planet you lived on if you didn't see this movie or hear this song ... Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio/L.V. on Grooveshark

This is an oldie that I love listening to, bringing back the days when we would cruise around in the car and ... well ... stalk! lol!
***Language Warning***
My Generation by Limp Bizkit on Grooveshark

My wedding song ...
Please by Pete Murray on Grooveshark

 One more ... there are so many songs that i would associate with my life, but I still can't listen to this one with out tearing up.
KD Lang - Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) - Hymns Of The 49th Parallel by Various on Grooveshark

 Thanks guys, This was fun! I know its only meant to five songs but I have to add this one ... It's A Beautiful Day by Michael Buble on Grooveshark
This was the song that was playing at our recent gender scan ... appropriate much?

Have a great day everyone ... MCM xxx


  1. Gangstas paradise! YES YES YES! Talk about memories haha. I know every line of that song and can quote 80% of that movie.

  2. I seriously ALMOST put Gangsta's Paradise on my list, because honestly, who DOESN'T feel jolted down memory lane every time they hear that song!?

  3. Haha! I'm glad I'm not alone!! I was such a sucker for that movie! And I had the whole album too ... Totally cool!

  4. Oh yeah! We were so cool back in the day! I loved it so much!!! Little homie I wasn't!! But at least we can laugh now!!


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