This day was inevitable ...

I knew this day would come.

I knew one day that they would come to me with the question I had avoided for so long.

Yesterday Zarah approach me with a book in hand. I knew the book well and knew what it contained.

Then she asks "Mum ... can we make munch honey cakes?"

My heart sank. I can't cook. Everything I bake turns out rock hard! Then I asked the real big question, what for? Then she tells me it is for the morning tea after their school mass! ARGH! The pressure!

We went and bought the ingredients, as funnily enough we didn't have lemon extract in our house, we also decided to grab some lamingtons ... just in case and Zarah and I made the dough and popped it in the fridge for after.

The night then turned into chaos, running here, there and everywhere. I decided that the munch honey cakes were going to have to wait until another day. I crawled into bed, completely exhausted and praying night shift would end soon! Then I thought of her beautiful face, and how devastated she was about not having munch honey cakes to take to school.

So, as you guessed it, I crawled out of bed and heading down to the kitchen. I floured the bench, rolled out the dough and started cutting shapes. Man I love my kids, I hope they love me back!

As they baked away I made a loom band hair tie for Lexi because she didn't get one when the kids were playing!

And surprisingly, they worked! They didn't burn. They didn't become rock cakes and they tasted lovely! Eat your heart out B1 and B2!!

You can get the recipe here! Good luck everyone!
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