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So Miss 9 approaches me yesterday and asks about pen pals. They had spoken about them at school and I was telling her about the young girl I wrote to when I was in primary school. This conversation lead to googling pen pals tonight and after searching databases filled with children seeking pen pals, the fear overcome me.

Are these just young girls looking for a friend from another country or are they creeps looking to pry into my daughters life. Sometimes I really hate the internet, it is such a unsafe world that we have no control over.

If it were me, and someone had written something I felt was not right or a little off, I would end the correspondence, but does a nine year old have that censorship? Does a nine year old know how to tell if she is speaking with a foreigner or a man possibly from our own country? Does anyone?

What happened to trust and sharing letters with people across the world? What happened to trust full stop.

Sadly the amount of horrible things that happen these days are rising, we are too well informed and I feel myself progressively becoming this overprotective mother. I want my children to experience life and meet new people and find someone they can share stories with. But this whole internet pen pal thing is scary and I fear the worst in almost every situation now.

I would love to know if you have experienced this or know of a good way to set up a pen pal relationship with someone overseas.

Thanks ... MCM xxx


  1. When I was a kid our school set us up with Pen Pals from another state. It was a neat program. I completely agree about letting your child write to strangers now-a-days though. We're using friends here since we're moving, but if you don't already know a child in another location, what about a cousin? Or distant relative?

  2. Yeah we are exploring the family thing now, as my husband is Maltese we are hoping there is a cousin or such around her age that she could write to. Its just too damn scary these days!

  3. Thank you for submitting your post to the DP Blog Carnival :)

  4. Even though I have online friends, I don't really like the idea of pen pals who are strangers, for young kids. What about an overseas relative of a friend or neighbour? DPBC visitor X

  5. Thank you for your response! I have to agree, the Internet penal thing scares the crap out of me! We have canned the idea and working on sending a letter to a distant relative in Malta (my hubby's side is Maltese) and I feel much better about that :)


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