Back To School With Smiggle

It's that time again! Back to school! Where preppies start to prepare and the older kids 'get sick'! But you can be the coolest mum on the block, and make getting back to school fun!!

Smiggle has everything to get your year started on track, from cool new bags, books and diaries to all your stationary needs!


These two LOVE the new smelly bags and lunch boxes! These are a part of a matching set, but the range is so huge you could mix it up with other styles and make everyday fun! 


For years my kids have loved the Smiggle range of pencil cases! We have them littered through the house! But these cases that wrap up are soooo awesome! The girls have filled the flat part with glitter pens and used the zip up case for pencils, sharpener and eraser! What a fun way to bring some personality into their school day! If that's not your style there are plent to choose from! Hard top, double up, pretty or practical, you name it, they've got it!


Trust me when I say all your child's stationary needs can be met in your Smiggle store! Pens, pencils, textas, glitter pens the works!! Everything to fill up the pencil case! My girls are IN LOVE with the glitter markers! These are perfect for school projects and making life brighter and more fun! If you're like me, I have a grade 3 who isn't too chuffed holidays are almost done and she isn't too excited by writing either, but her journal is filling up with these babies! 



You can win yourself a back to school pack for your little one! This awesome pack is worth over $100 and could be yours just by telling me you best back to school tip! Do you have a special treat or trick up your sleeve that makes getting back to school more fun or do you have a tradition you do at the beginning of the school year? Tell me about here! 

One lucky winner will receive the above pack which includes a DIY unicorn pencil case, a double up skipping rope, friends mix lip balms, a fluffy cat note book, a soft purse keyring, a Pom Pom scented pen and a back chat keyring! You can enter in the comments below!

Good luck!
T & C's
Open to Australian residents only
Comp starts 26.01.2017 and closes 01.02.2017
Prize is not transferable or refundable


  1. What I hate, because they aren't very nice
    Is the fact of the kids getting head lice
    We've already experienced one infestation
    Oh, the nuisance, and sheer devastation!
    I try to maintain a positive perspective
    But even the treatments are mostly ineffective
    Not to mention the time and the cost
    All that combing means patience will be lost!
    So my back to school tip would have to be
    Tie all hair back, and use a spray with tea tree
    Hope and pray that'll be enough to prevent the nits
    Because they really do give you the sh...sads!!!

    Good luck with back-to-school everyone!!
    (Email is

  2. I pack fun lunches for my daughter where she chooses what to pack in the lunchbox. Then i add fun by cutting the sandwich in a fun shape with a sandwich cutter. We make fruit kebabs using cute food picks (we simply arrange red & green grapes on a food pick) & all this really makes my daughter super excited for school. Plus i write fun messages on sticky notes and paste them inside the lunchbox cover.
    All this just takes less than 10 minutes but i get a happy child who becomes super excited for school in return.

  3. Few tips that help us to stay organised & add a bit of fun to our BACK TO SCHOOL time.

    - With the help of kids create a morning & afternoon routine.
    - Practice the routine in the last week of school holidays & continue when the school starts.
    - Save time on lunches - make sandwiches, bake snacks & freeze them. If possible pack the lunchboxes the night before.
    - Take uniforms out & iron them the night before.
    - keep school bags ready the night before.
    -Stick to the rule - "no TV" & "no ipad " before school.
    -Listen to kids , be open, try new things & find what works best to keep kids more happy, relaxed and focused at back to school time..


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