One Direction Mania

1D mania has swept over our house, our children and our stereo’s!

What a lead up it has been to this concert!!  Towards the end of last year, when One Direction were visiting our ol’ island of Oz, and my two older girls were screaming like lunatics every time their faces were on the TV screen, we purchased their tickets to the concert. One for each of the girls and the cuz!

Finally the day came for us. Despite having the worst hay fever ever, a ‘tiff’ with the hubby and running on an hours sleep, we made it to Rod Laver Arena just in time to buy our flashy glow sticks, popcorn, lollies, frozen cokes and tour book.

The girls were decked out in 1D merch, badges and shoelaces and hair clips! Mikayla even raided the bathroom cupboards and found the body paint and asked me to paint 1D on her face, the other side Louis and a big ONE DIRECTION down her arm.

It was so exciting as a mum to watch my two big girls as the anticipation consumed them and the other 30,000 girls too. As we waited music played and commercial ran on the screen either side of the stage. Every time the 1D perfume ad came on the roof would life off the place as the girls screamed their adoration. My favourite part was when the Grease medley came on and listening to the 30,000 odd people sing summer lovin’ …. Those suuuummmmmerrrrrrrr niiiiiiiightttttsssssss ……

They promptly donned the stage at 9pm, and boy did these girls scream! Actually I can’t lie … I screamed! They were fantastic. They came out and owned the show! They sang and danced and laughed and talked to crowd. The egged everyone on to scream more and louder if that was at all possible. Every girl in that stadium knew every word and they were not afraid to scream it out! I think they may have sung more of the songs then the boys did!

Our fav is Louis. He’s a spunk. Mikayla will marry him one day I am told. She will. She’s actually a little scary!!  I keep telling her that I’m grateful she cannot legally marry anyone until she is 18, so there’s another 8 years up our sleeves!

One thing I learnt from the concert, I’m a bigger 1D fan than I thought I was.
I know all the words, to all the songs. I can even answer the trivia question in the Girl Talk game! Whoop whoop!  Like, did you know that they finished third in the Britain version of X-Factor, everyone knows that! How about this, Zane almost left boot camp because he didn’t want to do the dance section!! Maybe you might know that Liam would have competed in the Olympics had he not auditioned?

Well that too much knowledge for this little duck … maybe I should go learn something of a bit more importance!

But seriously, they put on an awesome show that I know the girls will love and remember forever! There was laughter and tears, water and cream fights, lots of singing and swooning. I remember being that young and in love with the hot super stars … remember Backstreet Boys? Oh man … New Kids On The Block? Way too old!

I think we all had fun athough and that is all that matter in the end! Thanks boys for putting on a stella show!

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