One month on ...

As the dust settles on what was a wild month, I look back and wonder where the last four weeks have gone.

With hospital visits, renovations, illness and just utter chaos, the last month has been one we want to forget as well as hold to the memories forever.

Having a little man in my life is so different to the girls. I think it’s because we had wanted a boy for so many year’s means that we appreciate the smaller things more. Also the fact he was unwell in the start too.

But now, as normality settles back in, I look at how our little crew has adjusted so well. I am so proud of the girls and how they are so smitten with him and help in way they can!  He is going to be the golden child. I can see it already, the girls will despise the fact he can do no wrong as hubby will cover for him! It’s exciting to think of what the future will hold for us all.

For now, we continue with school runs, kinder runs, dancing and swimming and the little dude just plods along with us all. Does he have a choice?

So I am content. Although I am sleep deprived and tears flow often. I love what we have here, and I know that the sleepless nights won’t last forever, so I try to indulge in the little precious moments before they elude us.

Thanks, Hayley

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