Communion Day Success!

We had a wonderful time recently celebrating Miss 10's Eucharist, or First Holy Communion.

Miss 10 wanted to have her hair curled and after shopping for what felt like a million years, we found the perfect headband that suited what she had envisioned. We tried curling it with hot rollers and a hair straightener, but her hair is too long and heavy and the curls kept dropping! But thankfully, my Facebook friends reminded me of the old school way .... remember back in the 70's and 80's -before curling wands and hair straighteners- when we would have to things ourselves! Well that's exactly what we did! Poor daddy lost a tee in the creating of these curls ... but it was old and I didn't like it anyway! If you haven't guessed it yet, we rag-tied her hair!! Here's what it looks like ...

Rag-tying is the process of sectioning wet hair, rolling it around a piece of cloth and tying it off. Leave it to dry over night and whalla! You have curls that don't require product, and don't drop!! Magic!! No heat, no product, just healthy soft curls!!

Arriving a few hours before, we drop the princess of the day off so she can receive her pendant and have her professional photos done. All the children looked amazing! They were dressed immaculately (and knew it too!)

We all gathered later that afternoon to be wowed by their singing and readings, they were all so clear and well organised. Even when receiving the bread and wine!

My baby girl read the welcoming and watching her standing there in her dress, hair all done, I see the amazing woman she is becoming. She makes me so proud, through her nerves she was still able to speak clearly and slowly. She practiced hard and it paid off.

We went back to the in-laws after the mass and enjoyed a small get together to celebrate. With plenty of food and drink to share we chatted a laughed the afternoon away.

As always, the good old Aunty N made the cake ... Oh. Em. Gee ... It was to die for.

She is a whiz in the kitchen and we are grateful for all the effort she puts in with these amazing creations! Miss 10 was beside herself with happiness and the day was a buzz from the minute woke to the end when she collapsed! She was spoilt with gifts and surrounded by those who love her most.

It was a magical day that fills me with so much love! She is an amazing young lady and days like this make me see it so much more, Love you xxx

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