The scan and the invitation

Hello all!

We were lucky (and unlucky I guess) to have had scan done today at 34 weeks. I was able to see my little man and the lovely lady that completed the ultrasound was nice enough to give me a tour. It was just the girls and I as hubby was jet setting about! But we saw him, not in full, but saw the heart beat, the diaphragm working and he practicing his breathing like a good little man. He was approx 43cm long and weighing in at approx 2.2kgs! Little fatso!

But the reason for the scan was to follow up on my last scan and check his kidneys. The issue we are following up is a mild pelvic dilation. From what I understand, the left kidney is holding onto the urine a little longer than it should as it slightly swollen. This is only a mild and usually is something that rectifies itself. I was told that he will have to have another scan a few after birth to ensure that it hasn't increased in size, but generally it resolves by itself.

phew ...

What a day! We then drove out to Bacchus Marsh to have an interview with Bacchus Marsh Grammar for Miss 10. We have had her on a waiting list since grade one and we informed last week that they are increasing the number of grade 5 and 6 classes and were conducting interviews.

Woohoo ... I think.

This is an amazing school, but would mean more travel, changing schools again, Miss 4 is meant to start prep next year and is looking forward to being with her sister but if she changes schools they cannot guarantee a placement in a prep class. ARGH! Oh and by the way you have 10 days to decide! Bloody hell!

After our last failed attempt at changing schools, I am hesitant to move her AGAIN but the opportunities it would provide for her and the others is amazing. What do you do? If we turn it down we may never get our foot back in that door. Schools ... hooley dooley!

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