Miffy is back, but on the big screen

As the smell of popcorn fills the house, my three little munchkins settle in to watch their new movie starring Miffy!
After almost 60 years, Dick Bruna's most loved character is finally starring in her first film, Miffy The Movie. I remember as child watching and reading the Miffy stories and I am thrilled to be able to share that love and memories with my children.

With our Miffy ears in place and popcorn in hand, the three girls sat in mum and dads bed as the movie began.
Miss 4 was beside herself, desperately wanting to see this movie since we found out it was coming! Wiggling and giggling they sang the theme song and love every minute of the film.
Miffy, Melanie, Grunty and Snuffy are going on a treasure hunt in the zoo. They have to solve the five clues that Mother and Father bunny have given them one by one. Along the way Miffy and her friends meet all kinds of animals and together they have a fun adventure.
"I loved it so much mum, it was the best Miffy ever!" Miss 4 declared as the credits rolled through!
Miss 9 played it cool, but was secretly sucked in too! And Miss 1 bounced around the house as a bunny for the rest of the day!
So all in all, Miffy The Movie was a hit! Thank you Transition Films for allowing us to preview the film and be sure to get your copy on May 29 on DVD or digital download!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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