Day 21 - Memory Lane

Today isn't as much a challenge but a honour. I was thrilled to find that today was to reminisce and list my favourite posts! Great opportunity to see how I blog and the change of direction I've taken!

So please join me in reading over my favourite posts.

Things That Make You Happy - As a part of this challenge, I have written some of my best blogs (in my opinion) sharing with you guys pieces of me you might not normally see or read, depends how you look at it!

What Do You Miss - Another post from the challenge, but this one reopened my heart where my nan lays. It took me days to write that one, hence the delay in posting it!

Bullying - Touching on the major issue of bullying and it effecting my daughter was another tough one that brought it all to close to home!

To My Dearest Brother - A letter to my brother on his 21st birthday. Sadly we are not in contact anymore but the opportunity to share the letter is one step closer to telling him myself.

30 Had Arrived - One of my most memorable days was last years birthday!! Being flown to Sydney, surprise parties, concerts! I was very spoilt and I can't wait for my birthday this year ... Cough cough ... Tomorrow ... Just saying!

Thank you for sharing with me my favourite posts, I don't have many but it's always nice to take that trip down memory lane.

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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