Back to her old stomping ground

Good morning all!
Well we are pretty perky over at our house today, as Miss 9 takes the plunge and returns to her old school.
Yes, you heard right! After much deliberation we all decided that this would be the best move. And you know what? I feel amazing for it, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!! Most of all, she is happy!! She has her uniform laid out, showered, dictating hairstyles, making cards and just high on life.
In a previous post I noted my hesitation on changing schools, how would she settle in, how would the school be. Then following that post was my concerns for the bullying and how the school had reacted (or not reacted) to my concerns. So it is a pleasure knowing that my kind hearted, goofy little, gorgeous pie is going back to where she is safe and happy, and hopefully her love of learning and reading returns!
Good luck my little munchkin! We are so proud of you and love you more than you could imagine!!
Thanks ... MCM xxx


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