Day 15 - A Day In The Life Of Me!

Welcome to my world!!

At the moment life is pretty bland, not much happening as my fainting is taking quite a hold, thankfully (for you) today happened to be one busy day that has allowed for me to share some lovely photos!

Please join me as we look into the day in the life of a Middle Class Mama!

After a quick dash to the school (in my pj's, hence why there is no photo!) we return home to dye my hair!!
A DIY job is a regular part of my life since becomig a mummy and I still haven't got the knack of it!

While the dye is working its magic, in comes the washing ... and lots of it! With a family of 5 there is always clothes in the washing baskets, but thanks to the new machine, there looks like more as I divide them into more piles!

As mum is hard at work, the girls are too! Here are the two littlest munchkins stuffing envelopes for their work ... "Mum we are just too busy to help you today!"

My favourite part of my morning is when the fire is really warm and the kettle has boiled. My one and only cuppa of the day comes in the morning on those cold wintery days!

Then flowers from daddy get their water changed to make them last, we love having flowers on the bench in our house, always makes everyday brighter!

Once we are all showered, dressed and pretty it's time for the kinder run! We pack the snacks and my excited little miss four climbs into the car ready and waiting with her sister in toe. Miss One is desperate for the day when she can go to school like her bg sister!

After dropping her off we have a little time to kill before we have to head to the doctors, so a short cruise around town is just enough to put everyone to sleep for a quick car nap ...

  And mummy does a sneaky Macca's run, enjoying a quiet moment eating a yummy treat by the beach!

Then we head to our doctors appointment to follow up my progress (or lack there of)

After Miss Nine is collected from school, we head to the dance store StageZone to organise her exam uniform that she needs for the Conchetti Convention at Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance ... Excitement!!!

Then we head to the shops to organise dinner, first priority is a yummy snack ... and a ride! Almost forgetting what we there for we make the mad dash to the butcher before they close!

The day always ends with bath time, pj's and a snuggle in bed before everyone makes their way into their beds! I hope you have enjoyed a day in the life of a Middle Class Mama, I sure do enjoy it everyday!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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