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I'm trying my hardest to to remain calm these days. I've been doing deep breathing, given up coffee, even hypnosis at night. But sometimes when you are (trying to be) zen like, things just build!

Today I woke to read the news that the health minister has declared that children should not blow out the candles on their birthday cakes because of hygiene reasons. This comes after I was told at my daughter new kinder that their lunch boxes are to contain sugar free and low fat or fat free snacks. Then they proceeded to tell us that lollies can not be used as treats for the children on birthdays and a wooden cake would brought out to sing happy birthday.

I am almost at the end of my tither. Guess what people, they are kids! They need to run outside and eat dirt and chase worms and even share a little spit on the birthday cake!

As a child I went to daycare and kinder and school and you know what happened? I got the odd cold, I had chickenpox and I even had some weird rash! But I survived it! I've always heard people say what doesn't kill them makes them stronger, well to a degree that is right. These are the things that build our children's immune system and makes them healthy as adults.

Now the celebrations is another thing. We were asked if we thought that they children should celebrate the different festivities throughout the year. Yes! Yes of course we want our children to celebrate Christmas and Easter, the same way I want my child to take a batch of cupcakes to kinder. Oh, I'm sorry, is little Johnny allergic? Then he can't have one, just like if came to our house for a party.

I honestly can't fathom what goes through people's head when they think yeah maybe we won't celebrate Easter in our class room this year, we don't want to cause any indifference. My highlights from primary school and kinder are those of Easter hat parades and making little baskets that would be filled by the Easter bunny while we were at assembly and Christmas concerts about Mary and Joseph's travels. I'm not baptized catholic but I follow the catholic way, but as a child I was still thrilled by the story and dressing as Mary and carrying baby Jesus.

Seriously people, what is happening to communities? What are teaching our children if not our way of living? I know we live in a culturally diverse community these days and I'm not saying don't share your celebrations with our children, I welcome more knowledge for our future, but sometimes I think we forget that these little beings just want to have fun and learn, let's let them.

Thanks ... MCM xxx


  1. I hear you! Kids need to be kids :)If someone told me my kids needed sugar free, low fat or fat free snacks, I would tell them that my home made fruit muffin have so much more goodness than any packaged labelled "diet" food. I am with you Grrrr

  2. Here here, too much cotton wool and PC crap going on these days, are kids are going to have no life skills and be freaked out about everything! Emily - from Blogs and PR

  3. Emily, I could agree more! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who thinks like that!!

  4. Hi Elise, the packaged foods were in addition to fresh fruit and home made goodies, but even then they are restricting what you can bring! Our world is becoming crazier by the day I say!

  5. Couldn't agree with you more on this one! I think explaining what kids can have in their lunchboxes is a little too controlling!!! Schools and kindergartens can encourage and set a good example but i think the line stops there. I'm currently teaching art and drama in a local primary school and I was recently corrected and told to refer to what I thought to be an upcoming Easter Hat Parade as simply a Hat parade with no reference to Easter to be inclusive!!! WHat next.. Belinda Zipevski

  6. Thank you Belinda! That's exactly what I'm talking about! I don't understand why traditions in our own country, that have always been there, are now becoming such an issue. It really should be apart of our children's education, including the celebrations of others too. We cannot tip toe around a celebration just in case 'someone' doesn't believe or doesn't celebrate. It is becoming ridiculous !!


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