To my dearest brother

To my dearest brother,

Twenty one years ago you were brought into this world. I will never forget. Mum went into labour at Christmas dinner at our Aunt and Uncles house causing quite a stir. Remembering snippets as I was only nine and a half, I remember the chaos of getting her to the car, I remember nan fussing over me and our cousins in angst. I remember dad picking me up and we had to clean the house before you arrive home. But the first time I laid eyes on you I was in love. With your spiky soft hair you were a tiny beautiful boy laying in the humidity crib as you heart rate was too fast.

As you grew we became such great friends. I would eat my breakfast at a tiny plastic table as a teenager, because you cried not wanting to be alone. I'll never forget when I went to stay with put cousin and you threw your first tanti! Our many day trips with the family and teaching you all I knew. I would pick you up from school when I got my licence and we would go shopping and buy you the cool clothes that you wore until they fell apart. I'll never forgive you for stealing Timmy my Christmas bear and claiming him as your own! As the years went on we would share our love of music - training you on all things blink! And you would teach me about the newer bands that made me feel old! You would jump in my bed and we'd play Nintendo or watch movies - Harry Potter a favourite, but the poem you wrote and read at my 21st is still the dearest part of my memories.

You became an uncle yourself at 11 and you idealized that little girl. She would laugh and play with you and as she got older would hang to see you, drawn to your loving personality and surprisingly jealous of your beautiful girlfriend.

You have always been a solid part of my life, someone I have trusted, loved and admired. Your studies are amazing and I know you will do well in life.

Time ... Too much time has past since we saw each other last. Two years yesterday. The amount of time I have wasted stewing over these past years is beyond anything you could imagine. I don't want to go to the upcoming Blink concert because we were meant to go together. I hate that you have a niece that you have never met. I hate that you have another two nieces that would boss you round and idealize you and the youngest doesn't remember who you are. When nan past, I swore family meant the world to me and we were so close. What happened? What made you three not want to see those beautiful girls? I feel my entire family has turned away and on a day like today when we should be celebrating and laughing, I am writing my speech to no one. In hope that one day you might see this and realise that I will always love you.

Congratulations on reaching such a milestone. You are a beautiful and amazing person that deserves the world and I am proud to call you my brother.


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