Shopping IS dangerous!

For a while now, hubby has been saying how dangerous it is when I go shopping. I always thought he meant to the bank account!

Sadly, I found another reason why. The other day, after a big shop around our local Coles, we were putting the groceries through the checkout. While I was busy piling the tins and jars on the checkout, Lexi was rummaging through the bags and Nate was lounging in the baby capsule on the trolley.

The next thing I hear is a loud bang, only to find my little man lying on the floor. I was frozen in shock. After a minute, the shock had worn off and the tears began, for both of us. I scooped him up and tried to console my dear boy and get out of the store as quickly as possible. Lexi was freaked out and so was I.

I soon realised that the seat belt on the capsule broke and that was how he ended up on the floor. All it took was him to roll to the side and it gave way! After having four children this is something that has never happened before, I also rarely use those capsules.

After a trip to the hospital make sure he was ok, we were released with a checklist of things to watch out for, but he is a tough cookie! Thankfully, we were ok, just a shaken up mama!

When shopping, take care with children in trolleys. I've seen some horrible things, and now experienced them too. So when you place your child in a trolley, be extra careful!
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  1. Thankfully he was OK, luckily that never happened to my girls when they were young. A great reminder to check the straps are working, or maybe shop online! xx N

    1. That's what my husband said! Online shopping from here on in! Or I put him in a carrier instead! Safer on me than anywhere else!


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