Day 6 - What the hell do you do?

What do you do? How do I answer a question like that? I am currently am unemployed but find my days filled to the brim with a million things to do! So does every other SAHM on the planet! SO, just like them ....

I'm a chef, a cleaner, a seamstress, a taxi driver, an entertainer, a mathematician, a teacher, a hairdresser, a doctor, a fitness coach, a dietitian, a councilor, a gardener, a mechanic, a delivery lady, did I mention a cleaner, a blogger, a writer, a masseuse and most of all a reader. 

I love my life and wouldn't swap it for the world, I love my girls and they are the best part of my 'job'. As I said the above is the same as every other mum on the planet and I know that we all do from love!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


  1. A great image and don't we juggle it all so well.

  2. Thanks Trush! I thought so too, it's how I feel most days!!


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