Not winning ...

Oh my! What a few weeks we have had! I'm sorry for my lack of posts but as you know I tend to take a vow of silence over the school holidays! But since the holidays our life had been HECTIC!
Miss one has been soooo sick! With a temp of 39.7 we trotted off to the doctors to find she had a throat and middle ear infection, plus a perforated ear drum! I do recall saying at one point I wish the fever would come back, at least she was sleeping then!! She was given antibiotics for the infections then two days later broke out in a rash, a reaction to either the antibiotic or the infection! So that was fun!
In amongst all of this hubby's work can broke down and we have been car sharing and hiring a van - finding that we have to replace the motor! ARGH!
Miss 9 has her dancing concert this coming week so there has been lots of rehearsals and dancing in the house! But most of all my Girls Night In fundraiser is finally upon us! I'm so thrilled that the big day is only days away!! But now it's time to put it all together and sit back and watch!

But today brought new dramas, with a trip to the city the car decided to have a hissy fit and not start :( so as I write this post I am sitting in the office of the mechanic awaiting the final result! I don't know how much more we can take!!!
Thanks ... MCM xxx


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