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Good morning!

Wow ... I'm pretty sure recently I posted a post about resting and sleeping and that if you can get a minimum of 5 hours sleep you can function properly ... its all bullshit!

For the past 2 weeks bub has been teething and waking up every hour and I looked like hell! Bags under my eyes and struggling to drag my sorry butt out of bed ... but the most amazing thing happened last night. I slept! Yes, you heard right, I SLEPT! I could shout it from the roof tops! I don't know what happened, usually I might sleep through one or two of her wake ups and my darling hubby would help me out, but when I woke this morning, I did the fearsome "OH MY GOD!" to which hubby lept up in a fright sleepily going, "Whats wrong?! What's wrong?!" and that scary thought of I haven't heard a peep out of her all night comes over you! I turn to hubby too scared to get out of bed and ask "Did you get up to her last night?" to which he's face drops and hurriedly tells me! "Go and check on her!!"

I do the quick walk into her room, push the door open and wait for the sounds of breathing! And yep .. there they were! She was ok! And so was I! It is truly amazing what a miraculous nights sleep can do for a mother! I cooked breakfast and sang songs and now am posting this and all before 10 o'clock! Wow! Its like a whole new world for me!

But I hope you had a good weekend!!

We were pretty quite, had a birthday lunch yesterday and Saturday had to entertain the kiddies inside as the Melbourne weather was disgraceful! Joys! I was pretty mental come yesterday afternoon! Nothing that an arvo at the in laws couldn't fix though! I love going and my MIL makes me coffee and plays with my kiddies! I always leave feeling like I just had a holiday!

Miss 8 and I have been delving into the world of #PhotoADayMay and we have been grasping it well! With lots of laughter and sharing it has been one of the highlights of this quite and cold weekend! With miss 3 constantly reminding us, I don't have an iPod, but it's on my list! (That's her Christmas List for those out of the loop, which is now roughly 3 pages long!) Kids .... But it was a nice family weekend, I love those days where you just hang out!

Thoroughly looking forward to next weekend though! I have been in contact with a few girls from PRIMARY SCHOOL via facebook! And we had organised a catch up, which will be on this Saturday coming, but its gone from a few girls the half the grade 6 class! Its amazing! I'm so completely excited! It will be a shock to see all those that we haven't seen in the past 20 years! I'm almost beside myself with excitement! So we laugh that it has taken up 20 years to organise this catch up, we'll be in a nursing home before our next! It will be great and I will definitely share some fun and laughter of next weekend! Plus Mothers Day on Sunday too! It is set to be one fantastic weekend!

I hope you have a great day and I will chat soon .... MCM xxx


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