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Have you ever heard of Life Changing Experiences Foundation? They are a non-for-profit organisations that assists teenage girls at risk of abuse and/or neglect and their 12 month program Sister2sister gives those girls a chance at a better life by pairing them up with a Big Sister, a female mentor and role model.

Sister2sister was started in Sydney in 2004 and branched out to Melbourne early 2009, hoping to make their mark in all capital cities.

The program starts with a 4 day Butterfly Boot camp in which the Little Sisters meet their Big Sisters and together they attend  team building workshops, allowing them to bond and build a relationship that they both feel comfortable with. From there on the Little Sisters have the support of their Big Sisters and together continue attend seminars providing them with the knowledge to overcome issues they have encountered, may encounter or survival skills for their life. The idea is to build the girls self esteem, boost their confidence, empower them and encourage them to work towards their goals.

Once the Butterfly Boot camp is completed, the group will meet on a monthly basis to complete educational tasks providing them with the knowledge to overcome risk or life issues and combine this with fun activities including surfing and painting. The sisters have the opportunity to meet outside of these meetings if they wish to do so.
After the completion of the annual program, the girls have shown an increased boost in confidence and many have gone on to better their lives by completing VCE/HSC, gaining employment or apprenticeships, buying their own homes and many others.

This is the type of community based programs that we in our world, too many disadvantaged children don't get the right start in life they deserved and this is a great way of assisting and supporting the children of our future!

At the moment, Nivea are raising money for this wonderful cause and you can help by freeing a butterfly on their Facebook page. Click Here to free a butterfly now and Nivea will donate $2.50 to Sister2sister allowing them to continue their ongoing support!
You can also find out more about becoming a Big Sister on the website, selections begin in Feburary so get your application in now!
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