Letting the dust settle

Oh thank god! We survived it!! That was the most hectic weekend EVER!

Friday was my Girls Night In Trivia Night at The Brook. I had such a wonderful and fairly relaxed day. The day itself consisted of setting up the room, doing the final run around and transporting all the donations to the event. The set up was an easy process, the kids were at Kinder and school so it was just Miss 1 and I pottering about the room hiding surprises under chairs, turning the room pink with tablecloths, balloons and table centrepieces. We set up the raffle prizes, the auction items, and the giveaways.

I was thrilled with the turn out, there were lots of eager women (and men!) ready to have a great night! Many dressed themselves in pink bowers and hats and really got into the spirit of the night. Of the 12 tables, table 11, consisting of local Point Cookians, won themselves the best table name (Fifty Shades of Pink), first prize in the raffle, an auction item and overall Trivia Champions!

A friend of mine from high schoool offered his time to come and play for us, Troy Barrett is an up and coming artist in the country scene and played several song for us off his album 'Long Time Comin' and he was fantastic! He had all the ladies swooning! If you didn't have an opportunity to purchase his album on the night please do not fear, just head to iTunes and pick yourself up a copy now!
As the night went on, I wandered through the tables and heard a lot of laughter and cheering and many coins dropping into the donation box. We managed to raise $1500 on the night and I believe that is a wonderful effort and more then last year! I Had a great time and sure hope you all did too! Its never to late to donate if
Then the weekend continued with Miss 9's dancing concert at The Geelong Performing Arts Centre (GPAC), what a wonderful performance the children put on. I love watching my girls dance, Miss 9 is a beautiful dancer however sometimes nerves gets the better of her! So their first performance on the Saturday was good, but the Sunday show was amazing! The whole group were more relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed their time on stage. The more senior students were spectacular. I loved watching them move across the stage and the different styles they had mastered. On the Sunday I had the opportunity to assist back stage, helping the students change, apply and reapply their makeup, pack away the costumes and generally help them pass the time! Those girls were so beautiful, such a gorgeous nature they have. I was so proud of the all!
All in all the weekend was exhausting for all! Hubby has officially clocked off as a parent for at least a week he says, but come Sunday night we all flaked it early and made up on our lost sleep and exhausting days! Now we look forward to Halloween and the return of my other SIL from WA! Yay!!!
Talk soon ... MCM xxx


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