Gravity Hill ... Freaky!

So we're sitting at home on Wednesday and trying to agree on something to do, our list of activities was rendered moot as the kiddies are ALL getting sick with runny noses and sore ears and it was windy!!

So I made the executive decision that whatever we were to do, we had to go in the car! So after after playing with a few ideas, I remembered recently hearing about 'Gravity Hill', a hill in which you drive down in your car, put it in neutral and you roll back up the hill.

At first I didn't believe it. I thought it was going to be the biggest load of crap. But the idea was exciting and the kids were intrigued. So we load my three plus one, into the car and head for Woodend. We grabbed some lunch on the way up and visited Hanging Rock too. The girls weren't overly interested in climbing the rock, much to my disappointment, so we did the creek walk, but we did something wrong as we couldn't locate the creek!!

So after our pointless walk, and finding an owl in a tree, we head off for Straws Lane, Woodend. The kiddies were deciding whether or not the hill would do anything, and I was trying to decipher the map! Stumbling upon the road, we wait for the cars to pass the make our way down one of the hills, slow at the foot and put her in neutral. And the most amazing thing happened ... We actually started rolling back up the hill. The girls were freaking out!! They were yelling and saying 'You're doing it! You're making it go up!' I had to show them my feet to make them believe that it wasn't me! We were actually rolling UP a hill!

If you are like me and think its a load of crapola, then you must go and try it out, because I was pleasantly surprised, amazed, dazzled ...

MCM xxx


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