Welcoming spring

Hello all!!

I hope you have had a great weekend!! We here have been enjoy all that Melbourne's beautiful spring has to offer. It has been a glorious day!
Our day started with coco pops ...

Pups also hanging out for the occasional dropped coco pop

Then after a quick tidy up we hit the local shopping centre in hope of seeing the Peppa Pig show they were putting on, but so did the other 200 locals, so we gave that a miss and bought out Kmart instead!! Picking up some bargain sunnies for us all!

We've been out in the back and front gardens, riding scooter and bikes and doing school projects and hoolahooping!!! All while the roast cooks itself in the oven!

I love the sunshine and the great feelings and the motivation that it brings with it! The girls and I have managed to clean in amongst our busy day too!
As a family it has been a beautiful day full of love and smiles rather than fighting and yelling!!! I hope you've had a great weekend and can also go to sleep smiling!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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