You're invited to my Girls Night In Trivia Night

You’re invited to my Girls Night In

On The 26th of October I am hosting a Girls Night In Trivia Night at The Brook on Sneydes in Point Cook, my home town. Last year I hosted my first night with a fairly small group of about 60 people and we raised over $1000! This year I'm doing it again and already I have 100 in attendance, many more businesses on board donating and lots of fun to be had! I truly hope I can blitz last years total and raise some great money for an awesome and dear cause!

I would love for you to check out the link above and see what is happening for my night and if you can assist in anyway it would be greatly appreciated!

I would like to also thank the 50+ businesses that have donated to the event, without these beautiful people we wouldn't have nights like this!

Also I would love to hear from anyone who might be able to assist in making this an online live event too ... Just throwing it out there!

Thank you everyone, chat soon ... MCM xxx


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