Attention Parents!

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick note with those with school aged children! The school holidays are around the corner! ARGH!!
I've decided that (weather permitted) we are spending more time out and about doing and seeing Melbourne! I have bought MyKi cards for the older ones and putting together a list of things we can do over the holidays.

Miss 9's and 'the cousins' lists consists of a list of all the idea I have in mind with check boxes next to them to tick them off as we go along as well as suggestions area.
Miss 3 -who can't read- has a picture list of all the things we are planning with the names next to them so she can relate the words with the pictures.
And as much as I want to include Miss1 in everything, I think she would just eat the pack! :)
I'm very excited as this is the first time since Miss 3 has been born that I have actually got a plan! Yay! So they will receive their holiday to do packs on the first day of the holidays!! Very Excited!

But for all of you who may have missed the news, I received an email from Imax Melbourne and attached was a kids are free voucher! Great value! So for every adult full ticket you can receive a childs ticket free until the 7th October 2012! I am happy to email this voucher to anyone who is interested! Needless to say this is on my list!!

Thank you for reading! Speak soon!

MCM xxx


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