"Good point well said as always, Miss Steele"

I have succumbed to that of the Fifty Shades series! And what a ride they were! I don't often get sucked into books, not because I don't like them, but because I just don't have enough me time to enjoy them! But over the past two weeks, I have read Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed ... twice. I have hardly slept and neglected my family, but oh my, they were good and well worth it!!!
A couple of weeks ago Offspring finished, and if you are regular reader you would know that I am terribly fond the show, and Patrick, and their dress sense! But the night of the final episode I felt lost, I was browsing the iTunes store, looking for the past series thinking I could watch them on the iPad while we were away and came across the Kindle App!! I was very excited and decided to download it and see what their store was like and how expensive it would be! But to my surprise they were reasonably priced and obviously I stumbled across Fifty Shades of Grey! In a few minutes I had setup my account and the book was downloading! I have never read an ebook and was dubious as to whether I would like it or not, but I had to admit that the ease of purchase had won me over already!!
As I am as blind as a bat I didn't think I would last long staring at the iPad and thought that I would be over it pretty quickly, how wrong I was! 3am I put the iPad down, forcing myself to sleep! I knew I was going to be miserable the next day! I read that book like my life depended on it, I read it in bed, cooking dinner, when I was sitting with the kids (awkward) and the whole way up to Merimbula! The night we arrived, I finished the book and was desperate to read the next, while hubby was sighing with relief that I had finished "the damned book" as he calls it, I was downloading the next one ;) Technology is really becoming me!
Most of the feed back I have heard regarding these books, have been its porn in writing and too much sex, not good for our children's eyes and minds! Firstly, my children don't read my books, as they don't need to have sad thoughts or know of adult relationships and the sex involved, so they wouldn't think to read it!! Secondly, it really was the story that got me hooked, not the sexy scenes! Yes there was a lot of confronting parts to the story, but in hindsight, it was to establish the character that is Christian Grey, without these scenes, you wouldn't be able to know him, to feel what Ana felt and most all enjoy yourself a little!!
I big thumbs up from me, and if you do read Fifty Shades of Grey, make sure you read them all, as it makes it worth while!! If you haven't guessed it already, this is why I haven't blogged in a while! But I am back now ;) enjoy ladies ...

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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